How to Catch a Cheater at a Casino

Today, more than 1,000 US casinos are operating. More states are considering legalizing casino gambling as competition among neighboring jurisdictions increases. Casinos are not the only source of income for larger cities. The Las Vegas Valley has the highest concentration of casinos, followed by Atlantic City and Chicago region. A recent study by the University of Buffalo concluded that casinos don’t attract new business to nearby areas; instead, they serve as a competition between existing businesses and the casinos themselves.

Many casinos employ a large number of security personnel. While many individuals are tempted to steal or cheat, casino security systems are designed to prevent this from happening. In fact, the casinos spend millions of dollars each year on security measures. But even with the security measures, there is always room for cheating. And in the United States, the Casino Security Administration has a website dedicated to detecting and punishing casinos that encourage such behavior. However, the simplest way to determine if a casino is using an illegal strategy is to watch the video surveillance.

Most casinos concentrate their investment efforts on high rollers. These patrons spend more than the average player and usually play in rooms separate from the main casino floor. Their stakes are often in the tens of thousands of dollars. Since these gamblers have higher spending power, casinos offer these patrons extravagant inducements. These include free drinks and cigarettes, as well as reduced-fares transportation. It’s a common practice in Las Vegas to attract high rollers.