Casino (Movie Review)

Whether it’s for the money or the thrill of playing games like roulette or blackjack, casinos are meant to be exciting places where people can let loose and have fun. They’re usually filled with flashy decor and upbeat music to create an energetic atmosphere as people try their luck at a game of poker or slot machine. However, what many people don’t realize is that the odds of winning at casino games aren’t in their favor. In fact, if you want to win at casino games, it’s best to start with a fixed amount of money that you’re willing to lose and to play for the right reasons.

Unlike other movie depictions of Las Vegas, which often focus on the glitz and glamour, Casino is a sleuthy crime drama that exposes the seedier side of Sin City. Taking inspiration from the book by Nicholas Pileggi, the film focuses on Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Robert De Niro), who runs a string of gambling joints in Sin City and is indebted to organized crime syndicates, Teamsters unions, and even a Midwest mafia based out of Kansas City.

Despite being one of the longest movies from Martin Scorsese, Casino manages to stay a lean and mean thriller throughout, thanks to its masterful editing and taut narration. And, although some of the scenes may be a bit over the top, there’s no denying that Casino is a riveting and important crime story about casino corruption in Vegas.