Slot Types


The slot is the place where a player can score without deflection. It also offers better accuracy, as the player sees the goal from a direct line. A low slot is also an ideal spot for a wrist shot. Defensively, the slot is often the most dangerous place to play because defenders will often lay a huge hit to a small winger in the slot.

A slot can be narrow or wide. In construction projects, a slot may be used to install utilities or install other items. Conventional excavation methods can be used to create a slot, but minimal impact techniques are often preferred. Hydro excavation is another alternative that is less impactful and faster. If you are planning a major project that involves slot trenching, hydro excavation may be the best option. While traditional excavation methods can work for some projects, hydro excavation has a much lower impact on the environment and is the most efficient option.

Slot types can also be custom types. A custom type of slot allows users to create a custom slot type based on a set of data. The user enters a name for the new slot type, and it can be mapped to an entity.