How Slots Are Mapped to Entities


In order to build a bot to process utterances, you must map each slot to a specific type. Using regular expressions, you can map flight codes and numbers to slot types. You can also use regex patterns to match certain phrases within utterances. Here are a few examples. Here are some examples of how slots are mapped to entities. Let’s take a look at each. To make it easy to use, let’s take a look at a real-life example.

The word slot comes from the 1747 edition of the American Heritage Dictionary. It originally meant “to provide with or cut a slot.” In 1888, the word slot was used to refer to dropping a coin. By the 1940s, the word had acquired the meaning “to take a position in a slot.” In 1966, the sense of “to fit something into a slot” appeared. However, this sense is now obsolete. In hockey, the slot is the area between the faceoff circles. The slot is also sometimes called the scoring area.

The term “SLOT” is short for’slave of technology’. People who are addicted to electronic gadgets can easily identify with this. These individuals are often urban teenagers and are equally likely to be male or female. Most of them have been tagged with the label as well. And although SLOT is a gender-neutral term, sex is not the only trait associated with the SLOT category. And in fact, many people have more than one SLOT in their relationship.