How Technology Has Improved Casino Security


The advantage of casinos lies in the fact that they can generate large sums of money by merely keeping an eye on their patrons and games. The edge can be as small as two percent, depending on the games played and the amount of money wagered on them. Many players are surprised to find out that the management of casinos gives out free drinks to keep them refreshed, but these freebies can cost them dearly, since intoxication affects judgment when placing a bet.

The use of technology has also aided the casino’s security. Video cameras and computers routinely monitor casino games. Some casinos have “chip tracking” devices, which monitor the wagers of patrons minute-by-minute. Statistical deviations of roulette wheels are constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure that the house has a high likelihood of winning. Enclosed versions of some games don’t have dealers and let players bet by pushing buttons on the machine.

Other casinos have implemented advanced security measures, such as closed circuit televisions and surveillance cameras. Some casinos have catwalks, which are suspended above the casino floor. These allow surveillance personnel to see the gambling floor directly. Most casinos also have one-way glass, which makes it impossible for someone to watch another person through the catwalk. This is a good method for casino security. The casino does not have to employ an additional person, which makes it safer.